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Patient Rights

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As a patient at Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center, you have the right to:

1. Understand and use these rights.

2. Receive compassionate, considerate and respectful care in a safe environment.

3. Be informed of the name of the physician responsible for coordinating your care and the names, positions and functions of Center staff involved in your care.

4. Receive information from your physician about your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in terms you can be reasonably expected to understand.

5. Receive from your physician information necessary for you to give informed consent to any proposed procedure or treatment. This information includes a 
description of the procedure or treatment, its anticipated risks and benefits, alternatives (if any) to the proposed procedure or treatment, and the risks and benefits of any alternatives.

6. Refuse treatment and be informed of the effects this may have on your health.

7. Privacy consistent with the provision of appropriate medical care to you

8. Confidentiality, in accordance with applicable law, of records and information pertaining to your medical condition and treatment.

9. Participate in the planning of your care, and be advised in advance of changes to the plan of care.

10. Review your medical record without charge, obtain a copy of your medical record upon payment of a reasonable fee, and authorize the release of information from your medical record to others. You cannot be denied a copy of your record solely because of your inability to pay.

11. Receive information about the Center’s services, its policies and procedures affecting patient care and conduct, and other pertinent information in connection with your treatment at the Center.

12. Receive instructions for continuing care after discharge from the Center.

13. Refuse to participate in research, and receive information necessary for you to decide whether to participate in research.

14. An itemized bill and an explanation of charges, even though they may be covered by insurance, and information in advance of your procedure or treatment about any charges for which you may be responsible.

15. Receive treatment without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or source of payment.

16. An interpreter to provide communication assistance when needed.

17. Receive emergency medical care if you need it.

18. Change your provider if other qualified providers are available.

19. Complain without fear of reprisal about the care and services provided at the Center, and to have the Center respond to you. You may also recommend changes in Center policies and services. 

    Complaints and concerns can be expressed in any one of the following ways: 

        a. Discuss with your physician. 

        b. Discuss with the Center’s Director at (914) 848-8982 or write to: 
            Director, Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center 
            1 Theall Road 
            Rye, New York 10580 

        c. Call the New York State Department of Health complaint hotline 
            (800) 804-5447, or write to: 
            New York State Department of Health 
            Centralized Hospital Intake Program 
            433 River Street, Suite 303 
            Troy, New York 12180-2299 

        d. Call the Medicare Beneficiary Hotline (800) 331-7767, or write to: 
            Medicare Beneficiary Complaint Department 
            1979 Marcus Avenue, Suite 105 
            Lake Success, New York 11042

20. Have your authorized representative exercise these rights on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

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