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Information About Rye ASC Billing

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When you have a procedure at The Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center (Rye ASC), you (or your insurance company) will receive more than one bill.

Ambulatory surgery procedures involve three types of services:

(1) the surgeon’s services,
(2) the anesthesiologist’s services, and
(3) ASC facility services.

In addition, you may receive laboratory, radiology or pathology services (sometimes referred to as “ancillary services”) in connection with your surgery.

Rye ASC’s bill will include both the ASC facility fee and the fee for the anesthesiologist’s services.

The surgeon’s services will be billed by WESTMED Medical Group if the surgeon is a member of the Group. Non-WESTMED surgeons having privileges at Rye ASC do their own billing.

In many cases, WESTMED will provide the laboratory, radiology or pathology services you need. WESTMED will generate a separate bill for these services.

If you have questions about these fees prior to your surgery or the billing statements you receive, you may call WESTMED’s billing department at

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